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  1. This is incredible, this cartoon far extends the reality of possibilities, truly James is the greatest philosopher of our time. In this comic he has a protagonist and an antagonist, defined by the color of their shirts. The protagonist is a softer color: blue. While the antagonist has an angry color: red. But what are they saying? The red Shirt, i will call him Robert, is talking about the dreary existence that is life. while the blue shirt, i will call Rallis, is viewing these experiences as a challenge in life to find the joys in a hard time. This is seen as Robert describes the depressing rain ruining the day of the two friends. What does Rallis do? Does he agree and find that life is nothing but suffering through pain and waiting for storm to pick back up after it ends? No! he makes a pun about the homophone: state. How does he use this to be the fun hero though? He uses the states of matter as the answer rather than an actual location. First he uses liquid, an obvious choice from the rain.But what is he really saying? Liquids, they can only be held by containers, otherwise they naturally expand. Energy has to be added to liquids in order for them to change otherwise naturally they are in a constant state of expansion and motion. Here Rallis is expanding on the idea of expansion of ideas, See by “dodging” his friend’s question he opens a void full of topics of conversation all based around science. By saying something that seems ridiculous he could then format a possible theory that could become an actual idea worth talking about. This Liquid state he speaks of is this idea: The only one that can stop for freedom of ideas and free thinking is yourself. Liquids can expand for as long as they have that energy. But more clearly this liquid is made through a combination of molecules. so yes partnership is included in this so you may be stopped if you dont have enough support. But he further expresses that ONLY you are in the way of success with his next quip. “Being a gas can have its perks” here Rallis is illustrating that if the argument of teamwork withing the molecules of liquids is involved then the best course of action is to be a gas. Liquids can become gases through hard work. Saying this James is trying to express that if you work your hardest no matter where you work or who you work with your energy will make you that gas. Gas that is free of others, ever expanding at its own speed, unable to determine the exact location and how fast it is going. In short Rallis shows that Robert is himself, the side of all of us keeping us down, and as long as we remember that we all can become what we want we can defeat the negative side of ourselves.

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