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    • By the way, where are you going to put the second eye if you do a similar character for 2017? Is he just gonna have one eye?

        • The difference is that 3 and 5 have the bottom parts that can fit a circle inside of them. You can look through the bottom of 3 and 5 but 7 has no little hook at the bottom that you could see through. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say I honestly confused myself while typing this just trying to think of the right words.

  1. Lots of celebrities die every year, I think it’s just my generation. The 10-15 year olds have finally become old enough to use social media, 10-15 year olds being idiots just over blow everything relentlessly. And next year won’t be any better so time to kms, I just cba, .

    • I don’t think it’s all the kids fault, sure they do do that but so do some adults. I heard that Carrie Fisher on the radio that plays at the dentist’s, and the next day from numerous adults, all of this in real life. Honestly I didn’t hear many kids talk about it (in real life again) but maybe that’s just my area.