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    • Yeah… since I was ten, I could not have birthday parties… what’s sadder is that I literally have to TELL people it’s my birthday.

      • My sister is 16 and she doesn’t have the typical birthday party. She invites three of her friends. They go bowling, get ice cream (and its near Halloween by the way), watch Fullmetal Alchemist, go to Five Guys (best burgers ever), then go home. It’s fun for them, but not as the little sister who sucks at bowling and will only watch FMA quietly but is on a different episode than my sister and her friends… I just explained that for no reason at all… proves how much time I have. Am I right?

  1. Your birth day is the next day after my brothers my brother was born on Mother’s Day I was born on sept 22 ._.

  2. My grandparents get me like 200-300 dollars and whenever I’m told to open my grandparents card I rip it open and act like I’m reading it when I’m really drooling at the money…

  3. I remember getting 100 Maximum, not by my grandparents, they were all dead! Apparently, people nowadays get 200 or more dollars(maybe not in money but still)

  4. Parents need to get this RIGHT! Boring birthdays on days you won’t even remember them and good birthdays when your OLDER!

  5. Is he sad because when he turns 19, his cake disappeared or is he sad about no presents?


    What? No! He probably got presents…everyone gets presents…right? 🙁

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