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  1. Happy 4th of July everybody!
    And happy belated Canada day for my fellow Canadians!

    Once again, you made a good comic. Keep up the good work!
    Have a nice day everybody!

  2. I’m glad to know that Alexander Hamilton (I’m assuming) knew about the Statue of Liberty before France constructed it and before the color changed.

  3. Wow your good. I just found you a couple of days ago and i have watched all of your videos and read. All of your comics

  4. So true! On forth of July I light up some sticks that spark all over the place and that is better than becoming deaf from fire works ????. But you can never beat the classic of exposing things ????. I love you comics and YouTube channel! Make more!

  5. James, you’re so cool and funny. Technically, I am one state away from you in Colorado, but we don’t get all the awesome fireworks that fly over your house, like bottle rockets, or ACTUAL fireworks.

  6. If you are reading this in 2017 than you are not a chess board. If your not, then you are also not a chess board. I have no idea why I’m posting this comment. Yay!

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