How to befriend an introvert

This was the first really long, informative comic I made. Tumblr actually didn’t like it…like they reblogged it and stuff, but only after they said why it was wrong.

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        • yea, I’m obsessed with batman and drawing and youtube and i hate starting conversations and i am annoyed at people who think they are my friends just out of the blue. also, i tend to find myself watching wolf animations in my closet at 3:00 P.M… Don’t Judge me 😉

  1. Though I don’t like tshirts all too much, I find it weird trying to stair at peoples chests to read something or see something

  2. I don’t get why country music is bad, I like it. But everything else was pretty spot on XD. My introvert friend agrees.

  3. “why it was wrong”? Everything in this list is true (most notably #5 and #9). I would know.

  4. As an introvert, I can relate to all of this. Especially step 5. My God, step 5 describes everything I hate. Did you read my mind when you made this?

  5. Easiest way to befriend introvert? BE AN INTROVERT!
    *Why would anyone want to befriend an introvert?*

  6. I am an introvert myself and now realize that a few of my friends have already used this method (I am reading this in summer of 2016)

  7. This is how me and my best friend bonded: 1) Playing legos in class cause third grade 2) He says my made up lego character is on his side 3) ERMERGAWD HE BRAIN WASHED HIM!!! 4) We eventually started talking to eachother 5) We talk all the time at our table anf at lunch

  8. As an introvert, I can say this is very accurate. And creepy. I’d be like WTF if someone specifically befriended my friends to try to get to know me and I found out. I’d be like “Who the heck are you?!” Other than that, I find us introverts don’t mind the “condescending or insulting” bit either.

  9. I want an abridged version of this comic on a T-shirt (short enough that nobody asks me to stop to know what my shirt says) with ‘Like Me’ added to the title. Maybe it would only include 12, 9, 6, 4, and 2’s titles and pictures.

  10. This must be how one of my best friends became one of my best friends. I’m an introvert and so many people keep trying to be friends with me all the time

  11. I befriended my best friend RIGHT before she became a full on introvert and now she is the shyest person in the whole school…

  12. After spotting that Portal 2 T-shirt, I immediately zoomed
    down to the comment section.

    This is the first time I have EVER SEEN any Portal-ly stuff in any comic
    besides my own.

    Well done, James. I am proud of you.

  13. the biggest introvert in the known gaming universe. that quits his room 1 time a day, and not in saturdays or sundays on

    this is so true. now when you think about that that’s how i got one of my friends that i never meet with, just like the other one.