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  1. Okay, so, story: I saw this comic a while ago, and literally only just now have I realized that it’s from you, or really even remembered that this where my friend and I saw the line “Just hangin wit dis loser u no how it be”, but now I feel the intense need for you to know that my best friend and I probably quote that line literally at least once every day. It’s pretty much become our default response anytime we ask each other what’s up. So yeah. You’re comic has made a lasting mark on my life. Not really a mark with a whole lot of meaning, like, it’s not like you’re the John Hancock signature on the Declaration of Independence that is my life, but more, like, you know that time you accidentally stabbed yourself with a pencil as a kid, and now you have that permanent little black dot on your arm, and it doesn’t really make a difference, but it’s sorta comforting to see it always there? Yeah. That sort of mark.

  2. If u never saw the comic with Grandpa and mean kids saying “No grandpa we hate u” u understand what I meant when I said Grandma no make u cookies.