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  1. My dad tried to tried to teach me how to play Magic back when I was but a wee lad. I gave up after I realized that me winning didn’t mean he had to give me all his cards. True story.

  2. I summon comment in defense mode!! And i’ll use his special ability; it allows me to summon a reply whenever i want!!

  3. I play mtg now a little and used to play yugioh. I have no one to play mtg with though and havnt bought cards yet so I use the app

  4. Guy: I attack your taunting elf
    Guy #2: No, you can’t attack creatures, only players.
    Guy: OKAY! *Punches the other guy in the face*

    • i literally have a infinity/infinity card with flying,trample,reach(can a card have reach and flying?) and every other”special thang-ma-jag” eva. its pretty OP.

    • With one of my decks I have an infinite thopter and energy combo so I can make infinite thopters an infinite number of times

  5. In my school everyone used to play yu-gi-oh, but then during a trade someone thought the trade was unfair but the other person wouldn’t trade back so long story short someone got punched in the face and yu-gi-oh was banned in our school, and that’s why our school started playing Magic the Gathering!

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  9. Holy wow, that takes me back. My cousin and I would play MTG all the time, 24/7, and I always lost because I had to borrow his cards and he always used his strongest deck against me.

  10. I like the “Yu-Gi-Oh” player’s hat.
    Very simple, yet so well drawn.

    (I had to go back up and down to type the “Yu-Gi-Oh.” I am
    not familiar with that game… Nor of “Magic The Gathering.”)

  11. I gre up playing Magic and it’s tough to lean Yu-Gi-Oh now even though my brother keeps trying to tech me.