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  1. hi james i love your comics and i was inspired to make comics and now i really want to work at subway! 😀 also can i have some tips on how to find translations? im not good at math ;-;

  2. Only some of the people that read this comic, actually keep reading it. I don’t think 1/4 of the people here don’t even know why we started the ‘first’ trend. It was because of a comic! And it kept going. And now people just say it. This comment section used to be mildly civilised. Now it mirrors… YouTube.

    • I know right? All of these ‘FIRST’s and comic requests that will never be used for a comic (because they’re pretty dumb) and not one person has said something about the actual comic they’re commenting on.

  3. Do you know another meme that dies just recently… Gabe the Dog… I just. Just can’t anymore

    RIP PUPPER 1 like=1 prayer

  4. Do you know another meme that dies just recently… Gabe the Dog… I just. Just can’t anymore

    RIP PUPPER 1 like=1 prayer

  5. Hey James could you go check out my blog thingy I make comics to but I mean they look sorta like yours. I look up to you so that’s why hopefully you actually see this comment. Btw my blog is nickyflash23 and has a title of nicks art

  6. Ohw … I have seen the desc and I saw it’s sad when a meme dies … STOP MAKE ME THINKING OF GABE THE GREAT DOGGO :_;

  7. I preordered a plush toy in October promised to be here by now and I have not received it, can you let me know who to contact about it

  8. Hey James, I saw your comic “The hole.” I didn’t know you were into Undertale

    PS. Could you make more Undertale comics? that one I saw was hilarious

  9. Hey James can you give me a shoutout I started my channel small and I haven’t moved up I have stayed at 48 subs, so if you can give me a shoutout then here is my YouTube channel type in antoniogaming72 on the search bar

  10. _ _ ____ _ _ __ _ _____ _______ _ ____ _
    _| || |_ / __ \ | | | /_ | | | |_ _||__ __| | | _ \ | |
    |_ __ _| | | | __| | __| || |___ ___ _ _| |_ | | ___| | | |__ ___| |_) | ___ ___| |_
    _| || |_| | | |/ _` |/ _` || / __|/ _ \| | | | __| | | / __| | | ‘_ \ / _ \ _ < / _ \/ __| __|
    |_ __ _| |__| | (_| | (_| || \__ \ (_) | |_| | |_ _| |_\__ \ | | | | | __/ |_) | __/\__ \ |_
    |_||_| \____/ \__,_|\__,_||_|___/\___/ \__,_|\__|_____|___/_| |_| |_|\___|____/ \___||___/\__|

  11. // ====_==_====____======_=====_=__=================_===_____==_______=_==========____============_===
    // ==_|=||=|_=/=__=\====|=|===|=/_=|===============|=|=|_===_||__===__|=|========|==_=\==========|=|==
    // =|_==__==_|=|==|=|=__|=|=__|=||=|___==___==_===_|=|_==|=|==___|=|==|=|__===___|=|_)=|=___==___|=|_=
    // ==_|=||=|_|=|==|=|/=_`=|/=_`=||=/=__|/=_=\|=|=|=|=__|=|=|=/=__|=|==|=’_=\=/=_=\==_=<=/=_=\/=__|=__|
    // =|_==__==_|=|__|=|=(_|=|=(_|=||=\__=\=(_)=|=|_|=|=|_=_|=|_\__=\=|==|=|=|=|==__/=|_)=|==__/\__=\=|_=
    // ===|_||_|==\____/=\__,_|\__,_||_|___/\___/=\__,_|\__|_____|___/_|==|_|=|_|\___|____/=\___||___/\__|
    // ===================================================================================================
    // ===================================================================================================

    • Theirs this cookie trick (meant for Oreos I’m just a dumbass somtimes) and so u put a fork in it and it makes no mess and doesn’t get your finger wet yeah – all the crumbes left from the actuall cookie you just tried to stick a fork into and the part were it usually ends in it breaking or falling in the cup and getting stuck soooo…. yeah another fun fact I used to think dobby from HARRY potter was the one making all the cookies in our and that the door not connected to the wall in our garage was a portal to the world we’re HARRY potter lived thinking back on this when your a little kid only ten now but THATS NOT THE POINT DANGIT so my dad told me this also that even though the world excistes that all the characters are just and that’s how dobby is alive to this day to go to his grandmas and make cookies 🍪 as well as the second lie about dobby was that if you weren’t good dobby would it was like what eat off your toes in your sleep that might be why to this day when in bed when it’s dark I can peak my toes out of the covers or I get uncomfortable idk just some randomness

  12. You also did an amazing job on the comics you have made.I may not have been with yuou sense the start but WHATEVER THAT DOSENT MATTER… all I know is I went back to watch all your videos so ya…again doing that doesn’t really matter either (sniffle) ANYWAY! Congrats on being on my top 4 YouTubers list alokalokng with Jaiden Animation, Dantdm,ldshadowlady,AND YOU…(of couronot in that order) aghain wish I could meet you

  13. I have a comic Idea but I am not able to make line so I want u to make it so here it is.I little kid has a FAVORITE toy and they play with it for HOURS;and one day the kid says I love yuou to the toy and the toy says back “I love you to PARTNER” and the kid screams and BURNS THE TOIY IN THE FIRE PLACE!!! I just thought it was funny…?

  14. so, since this was posted 22 days ago and he hasn’t updated it yet, I decided to check the archive button to see if it was something wrong with not loading the newest comic, then I saw that there were 404 comics so far. well, that explains it.

  15. That was a awesome comic! Can you please send me audio of you saying hi? I real like videos on YouTube and I think it’s been a year since I discovered your channel and have shared it with my friends like Red Logan ( that’s his YouTube channel) and have loved all of your videos! You make awesome content and hope to meet you someday!

    • Imagine someone with a long name as president…

      Thanks Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenberger-
      andererintelligentgeschopfsvonhinzwischensternartigraum, Senior!

      (A real name)

  16. Hey theodd1sout I am doing a project about comic artist and I would love to ask you a few questions If you could email me

  17. You should make a video about story’s of you going to Disney land or other amusent parks love your comics they make me happy

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