Time Waits for No One

Some one sent me an anon message on tumblr because of this comic this is what they said: “The “time waits for no one” comic is basically just casual misogyny. Not cool.”

Like????HOW? please explain how this comic is hating on women

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  1. I think anon was offended because you “perpetuated the stereotype of women always taking too long to get ready”. But like, I’m INTENSELY feminist, and that’s just a dumb thing to get upset about. For one, it’s not misogyny. That’s not what misogyny is. No. For another, it’s a comic. It’s a joke. And the joke wasn’t even ABOUT women taking too long to get ready. It was just to set up the punchline. So yeah. I doubt you’ve let it weigh on your mind too much, but if you have, don’t. Consider this comic feminist approved. (Also, I recently discovered your work and have been bingeing all your videos and comics for the past week. You’re hilarious – keep it up!!)

  2. come one, seriously, when you put quotes in quotes the inner ones aren’t quotes they’re apostrophes

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  4. I’m a female and I don’t understand why they got offended? Like women actually get long to be ready, but not all. And this comic didn’t they we all did. So what is to get offended? And this comic was funny af.