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  1. You should read the original Dracula there is so much dumb shit you could probably make comic ideas out of like the fact that quincy shoots a fucking window out while shooting at a bat without warning a soul inside

  2. This comic is so stupid a vampire would. Not say I want to suck your blood he would sneak up on you and then bite you and drink until your dead I want to suck your blood is like a terrorist saying hey I look like a normal citizen but really I’m a guy who will. Kill dozens of people

  3. OMG So Funny I love the part when the ghosts can’t even bite the dude! XD

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  5. Awww that ghost is so cute (KAWAII!! ^_^). I love how it has no teeth! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s probably feels good to be bitten from a person with no teeth.

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