Haha! Right in the heart!

Actually my heart's on the left side

Yes That's what I did


It's ok man it happens to the best of us


“It’s okay man, it happens to the best of us.”
“No, it happens to the WORST OF US!”
stabs him on the other side and starts laughing evilly

Emma Utterback February 01, 2019

I said last one was long comments, look at this!

Pokemon Shirt November 20, 2018

Haha! “RIGHT” in the heart!

Someone June 22, 2018

why did you stop making comics james, i think you should maybe do one a month or something like that, but for whatever reasons you may have for not making the comic anymore i guess you can do whatever is best for you, (although i do miss the comic and I would like for it to come back)

jaxzog June 16, 2018

That is correct with dyslexia and you do a good job

Xander June 16, 2018

Goodles job it is a good comic.

Derek June 07, 2018

You cured my depression

Me June 07, 2018

I’ve always loved you channel and comics keep up the good work!!!

Parker June 07, 2018

Lol this is really funny keep up the good work James you will always be my favourite youtuber and I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU!!!

Mason June 04, 2018

I love your comics and videos! I wish I would be able to go to VidCon and meet you! It’s just so expensive and far away from where I live…😞

Rachael Pond June 03, 2018

Lol I don’t get it but James your animations are so cool they will always be and good luck on the future and I love you!

Dhaniyal June 03, 2018

Hey James! Your such an inseperation! I don’t have a tumbler or a Twitter. Email me please!

Azera palmer June 03, 2018

I love your vids and your comics

mustry man June 03, 2018

i like that comic especially the printer

Alexis June 03, 2018

I know the struggle

anonymous June 03, 2018

nice comic dude keep them coming

connor June 03, 2018

Hey james, I love your videos and comics and I really look up to you, and your the one who inspired me to draw and make comics and stuff. So I’m just saying, thank you – Colton.

Colton June 03, 2018

Dyspraxia and dyslexia r different #Liverpool

William Threlfall May 28, 2018

is the j on the super hero mean super james

gameboy May 28, 2018

Good job on keeping it real James.
(also i love your videos, keep it up👍)

Faith May 28, 2018

Hey James,I love your comics.You are the one that inspired me to make comics :D

Alston May 22, 2018


Omar May 16, 2018

Keep up the good work! I <3 ur comics

Paige Turner May 16, 2018

I love the comics. It is what I look at when I am feeling antisocial (all the time) and I don’t want to do anything in class.

Mia May 19, 2018

Thank you this is sooo tues I have dyslexia

Hi I guess that is my name May 15, 2018

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