Back From Tick-Or-Treating

Back From Tick-Or-Treating
I hope my mom wasn’t the only one who did this.


i always give the candy i dont want to my mom so she’s happy

not a cat January 23, 2019

Ok but if my mom did that I would stop her halfway through taking my favorite candy and if she didn’t stop i would [REDACTED FOR IMMENSE WORDS] and also [REDACTED FOR IMMENSE WORDS] her face off.

Connor McFakeName January 23, 2019

Reese’s are better

phoster November 20, 2018

omg i was always trick or treating with friends and they would just eat all their candie but my dad always said he had to “check” them. When we woke up in the morning there was a noticeable difference in our amount of candie. (lol I thought my parents were the only ones who did this XD

A_guy November 20, 2018


Shriana June 14, 2018

I would be happy if my mom took all my almond joys because I dislike almonds.

Dialga time lord June 16, 2018

Nope, but they took all of our candy the next day and put it in a jar. The third day the jar was gone.

Conner June 16, 2018

My Mom said it was called “Candy tax”. I thought everyone did that.

Lucas June 03, 2018

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