Dumb Printer

Dumb Printer


Most comments, like, ever!

Pokemon Shirt November 20, 2018

oh and all the cool kidz make a discord server hint hint

kamperNL June 14, 2018

hey I was just wondering if you could throw a piece of wood you don’t really have to if you don’t want to it’s fine. #PLSTHROWAPIECEOFWOODOFABRIDGEBECAUSEILIKETRAINZ #SUBSCRIBETOTHEODD1SOUTPLEZ

ur mom June 07, 2018

has james stopped posting comics? ;-; plz more comics!

Senpai-Chan June 07, 2018

That was sooooo funny. Keep up the good work James!!!!

Parker June 07, 2018

I love you James, i wish i could meet you. You are no doubt my favourite youtuber.

TinyDuckling June 07, 2018


Dashredda June 04, 2018

I love your vids james and your soooooo funny

jameel June 03, 2018


james is cool June 03, 2018


TheDemon June 03, 2018

Lol hastag relatable #relatable

Andrea June 03, 2018

hey that’s funny

victoria brigge June 03, 2018


Xander W. May 28, 2018

Lol same hate people that yell at me

Raven May 28, 2018

JAMES YOUR COMICS ARE AMAZING JUST AS YOUR VIDEOS! I realy think you should try to get into making comics/videos/graphic novels professionally. You are really good at what you do! Love you!!(I prefer ordered one of your new sooubway shirts they are DOPE)

Sockgeorge May 28, 2018

HI I LUV UR VIDS especially the one with when u pee ur slef ur secret is with me!! :)

Alexis May 22, 2018


Garrett May 19, 2018

What if printers have white ink?

you May 19, 2018


yahboijo May 16, 2018

I wish I had a printer that talked to me since no one else does… JK

Mia May 16, 2018

In one of my classes, I have to look for cool websites and stumbled upon yours! I love this comic because I can not tell you how many times I have felt this way! I can totally relate!!

Erin Rasmussen May 16, 2018

Love your comic. Keep up the good work

Muf May 16, 2018


skylord9111 May 28, 2018


skylord9111 May 28, 2018

Good Job printer

Armyn Carpenter May 19, 2018

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