I actually got this idea after an embarrassing experience that happened to me.

It was in zero hour American history so i was already pretty out of it. It was about ten minutes into class and i let out a horrible, grotesque sneeze. Like, it wasn’t your normal sneeze, it was loud and wet.

As i was sniffing up any loose boogers, this kid behind me said, “Ay, yo Mr. Myers. Can we get some tissues in here? This kid has a bloody nose.”

He looked at me and said, “Oh, yeah you can go to the bathroom.” So i was like, “Crap i hope I don’t get any blood anywhere.” as I’m walking to the door, I feel that part on your face under your nose, except, I didn’t feel anything. I was probably a little damp from the sneeze. But at this point I turn around and I see THOMAS standing behind me, head up, trying to stop blood comeing out of his nose.

SOOO at this point, im tired, everyone is looking at me

So I justwalk out the door pretend to go to the bathroom

get back to class before Thomas comes back…

And think about it for the rest of my life.

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