Ginger's Bread House

Ginger's Bread House
It’s edible just like regular ginger bread house


i looked at this comic two times and the first one i thought it was a actuall ginger bread house

odd1sout is the best November 20, 2018

I love your comics please make more! they are so funny! I have chuckled out loud so many times!

tacochild November 20, 2018

I’ve read every single comic you’ve put on this website annnnnnnnnnnnd


I just wished that my fellow peers (year 8) could see the beauty in your comics and Nintendo.

Dialga time lord June 14, 2018

I read every comic posted on this site…
I was bored ;-;
I have no life

Lockdown June 14, 2018

Hi that doesn’t look yummy bye

me June 11, 2018

i luv u sm! Make more please I would ready everysingle one!

Apple June 11, 2018

u r awsome

maisy June 14, 2018


amelie June 07, 2018

I love your comics! Pls do more! One prob. You post vids enough. :| Your doing great! Very excited for the book!

Liam June 07, 2018

Imma eat all yo bread

Oprah June 03, 2018


Emmett June 03, 2018

Wow James, a fancy new website? We all still remember the months you made us wait for comics, and now you just republish old ones? Sound of anger

Nukrad June 03, 2018

Dilly Dilly Pit of misery!!!

Philly-Philly! June 03, 2018

Lol I need that house, bread!!!!!!!! 🍞

Rhys June 03, 2018

sorry typo I mean “A gingerbread house!”

Micah June 03, 2018

um that house is gone in a day. lol

elia May 28, 2018


Sam May 28, 2018


derptaco May 22, 2018

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