Happy Milk Day

Happy Milk Day
“I have some cream’


WWWWWWWWWooooooow he posted that on my birthday :D

xXxmysicalyxXx February 01, 2019

Love your comics

Daria February 01, 2019

Ayyy that’s pretty good😂

Aiden Allison February 01, 2019

lol im buying

thomas lancaster February 01, 2019

I love your comics James.

Sarah January 23, 2019

Hahah lmao this the tea🤣

Mathias Green Tjønndal February 01, 2019

Dear James,
It seems as if I am the first one to comment on this comic, Please shout me out on your next vid or email me back i will be buying merch shortly after. -You have an interesting life

Stone Love February 01, 2019

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