Mother Bear

Mother Bear
Bear’s got to do what a bears got to do


This got dark after like 5 seconds ):

BlazerDog60 January 23, 2019

it would have been better if it was a baby bear the hole time

trent January 23, 2019

no real person would-at the first sight of a bear- slap a bear with a broom, i know i would call the cops and/or scream and run away. a instagramer would take a photo and then scream and ran away.

crispy nugget January 23, 2019

why did the bear EAT THE BABY?? he thought it was honey. R.I.P BABY 2019-2019 note: this is probably NOT posted in 2019

Oliver January 23, 2019

wow this got dark. lol. but i love it!

unicorn37 February 01, 2019

Wow umm that got dark fast

Isabelle February 01, 2019


Galaxydog February 01, 2019


Galaxydog February 01, 2019

that turned dark really fast…. xD

Kenzie November 20, 2018


uchi November 20, 2018

Where is officer when you need her?

Dialga time lord July 03, 2018

aww yeah go bears go bears boom!!

the devil 420 June 14, 2018

Omg this got dark at the end lol XD

Emerald tree boa June 03, 2018

That bear i thought it would be a good one but when i saw the blood i almost peed myself like you were talking about in the peeing yourself video lol

From your odd1fan,

Alexis mendyk
P.s write back

Alexis June 03, 2018

I really love your comics and videos and this comic is actually really sad

MAd May 28, 2018

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