Here’s the comic where I almost gave up doing comics.

I spent a lot of time making these and hardly anyone would read them. And what was the point of it all? The art’s not any good and there was no way I could make a career out of this. I guess people don’t like my comics. I should just go back to video games.

But being a cartoonist would be so cool. I could attend panels at comic-con, people would ask me for comic advice. That would be so nice.

You know, I always have these dreams of making it big, but never actually do anything to achieve that. I gave up on my Youtube dream after one video.

I’ll just finish this comic and see if I still want to do this.


  • Little did he know that in 2018, he will have over 8 million subscribers on YouTube

    Charlotte Basura
  • Its Spiderman!! :P Great comic!

    Ashley (YT: xTaylor Llama)
  • What movie is this?

  • What movie is this?


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