The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins
This one got super popular for some reason. Still don’t know why.


Hey James! You really make me happy when I’m sad. Whenever I’m upset or angry, I always go to your YouTube channel to make me happy again. Thank you for making us happy once again!

With much love,

Jose January 23, 2019

Because it is so true! Being mean to waiters is just WRONG. They are bringing the food you need to get to survive. (Usually.) Drawimg on somebody else’s art without permission also is SOOOO ANNOYING! (Unless they deserve it.) Driving slow is especially bad because you don’t know why they are driving. They could need to get to somewhere, like a funeral or Doctors appointment. Not working on a group project is so mean! The other personhasto do it all, and it usually takes longer. (In fifth grade I had to do a math project by myself because the other kid wouldn’t do anything! Worst. Project. EVER!!!) Okay this is getting long so let me cut to the point. This popular for a reason, everyone agrees!
P.S I love this because it works on WiFi one bar. 😆😁😊

Toast July 03, 2018

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