Valentines Anniversary

Valentines Anniversary


hahahahahahahhahahahahha that sucks
like sucks

Winter February 01, 2019

WHY YOU NEED MY EMAIL! But can you send me a message with it? It would mean a lot

Jackson February 01, 2019

ha ha ha ha ha ha
oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

Im Dying February 01, 2019

yoo james killing it with the comics just wanted to know what software you use kinda wanna see if im any good at this seen your recent video on hobbies and “trying new things” soooooo if ya could hit me :)

nathan February 01, 2019


BLobby February 01, 2019

I love this

Heather Weir January 23, 2019


meciano January 23, 2019

James your hilarious thanks for making my day bright again with your comic

Aniya January 23, 2019

Lol I loved it #relatable

Omega Fox 🦊 February 01, 2019

I am gonna use this.

Ftgfyggyggg February 01, 2019

how long you have to post something >:-(

gorge February 01, 2019

yeet nice comic jameeees also i believe that u r not a furry

odd1outnerd February 01, 2019

Hi i love you. I think your so cool and this comic is flippin awesome. BUTTTTTT…I HAvE A BoYFriEnD!!!
So back off.
Lol jk but i do love you much love Autumn#.#

Autumn November 20, 2018

I think this is so hilarious 😂😋

Sophia November 20, 2018

Wow James. Just wow.

Shadow November 20, 2018

Dark humor at it’s finest.

Anya November 20, 2018


axel November 20, 2018

so me love it

hallie November 20, 2018

omg im in class reading these and i laughed to myself…now the dude next to me thinks im weird for giggling at my screeen

strawberry_shortshit September 05, 2018

Well damn james you savage

Ben September 05, 2018

I godamn Love this comic.

Harry August 03, 2018

this comic me when I try to get a date

willem July 03, 2018

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