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Cafe Chaos Expansion Pack Bundle

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Leave the regular gameplay and get seriously chaotic with 4 expansion packs!

The Cafe Chaos Expansion Pack Collection will give you the brand new

  • Animator Pack
  • Royal Pack
  • Junk Food Pack
  • Sooubway Pack
  • Holographic Animator Pack


- Each pack comes w/ 27 cards
- Add new elements to game play of Cafe Chaos w/ each expansion pack
- Imported

All items in the order will be held to ship together

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

I love the expansion pack cards they are so adorable I can tell that theodd1sout put a lot of work into them!!!

Davin Gatzemeyer
Great Game

My family and I play almost every weekend. I love the expansion packs and can't wait for more to come out. I love the character cards and the weird food. Keep it up I love the game.

Joe Grimme
Fabulous enhancement!

These additional cards really amped up the game playa nd replay ability. Some of the new characters and abilities really change the dynamic and strategy for play and make it a little defensive as opposed to always offensive. My son really enjoyed them as a birthday gift and its made the game more challenging, but in a good way. There are a few characters that he won't let me play as because they are a little OP if you know how to take advantage of the play style.

Traci Strawser
Awesome addition

Very excited with the expansion packs. Awesome addition to the game. Love all the different characters. My teenage kids love this game and play with us adults all the time.

Kayla K.
Extremely excited

I intended to make this 4 and a half stars, but for one reason only. Only a few cards were misprinted but it was still legible but it is okay. Nonetheless, adding the packs has only made the game much more fun and chaotic with my family. All I would suggest is to add a pamphlet of the royal pack to print out since I don’t want to keep the screenshots on my phone everytime I have to play. THANKS JAMES!

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