Cafe Chaos Bundle - FREE Expansion Packs

$ 24.99 USD $ 42 USD

Don't miss a beat and grab Cafe Chaos with all its marvelous expansions!

This bundle gets you the:

  • Cafe Chaos Game
  • Animator Pack
  • Royal Pack
  • Junk Food Pack
  • Sooubway Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Megan O'Connell
So fun and convenient

I love the game and to have all worked he expansions it’s so convenient the expansions have a ton of card so having all of them in one game is tricky

David Bagdan
Simple and Fun

We had a good time with this right out of the box. It looked a little complex at first, but turned out to be easy to play. Simple enough for two rules-averse players, but enough game strategy to make it interesting for older players. The cards were fun and well illustrated, and the free expansion packs were great! The Royal Pack needs some rules clarification, though, and the card explanations for that set were not in the rulebook. Oooey Gooey Fun!

Hi David,

Thanks for your review on our website. Here's a link to the Royal pack instructions Click on the second image and you'll see the instructions. I hope this helps.


Micah Petr
I love this game

Me and my family love this game and this is my moms favourite game also I’m not a bot
Just trust me I just like this game

Mason Nguyen

I love cafe chaos but i though that the expansion packs were expensive but then i saw this deal and it is great! I even used the extra cafe chaos as a gift for my friend! I totally recommend!

Michael Lienau
Cafe Chaos is super fun!

We played this game Christmas Day morning and it is a LOT of fun! The more players, the better!

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