Cafe Chaos Expansion Pack Bundle

$ 16 USD $ 45 USD

Leave the regular gameplay and get seriously chaotic with 4 expansion packs!

The Cafe Chaos Expansion Pack Collection will give you the brand new

  • Animator Pack
  • Royal Pack
  • Junk Food Pack
  • Sooubway Pack


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I loved the packs but because i live in another country so the cost of the send was 25 bucks so it was 40 bucks in total but stil super fun

Victoria Schmidt
My Kids Love This!

My sons are huge Odd1sOut fans & were so happy to get the Soobway Pack and Animators Pack in particular. They have asked us every day for the last 2 weeks to play the game over & over again! It was definitely worth the money for all the fun we've had. 10/10 would recommend.

Angela Slater-Warren
These cards are amazing and you need to buy them!

Buying these cards is something you need to do if you wanna have even MORE fun with this game! The game is fun on its own and overall a good time but these cards really bring so much more to the table with more characters more food and more everything! Buying these cards is something you have to do it Makes the game even more of a blast. I highly recommend buying this if you enjoy cafe chaos and want to have even more fun!

Cody Popkes-Perez
LOVE these expansion packs.

We have been having so much fun with the expansion packs. Cafe chaos was a hit before and even more fun now. Wish the Royal pack had come with instructions as we aren't sure how to use this additional pack. Price point was awesome, got all 4 packs for the price of one on Amazon.

Hi there,

Thanks for your review. Here's a link to the instructions Click on the second image and you can see the instructions to print them off.


Must Get, Very Fun!!

Definitely worth getting, makes the game even more fun! New characters and actions are awesome and makes play with a larger group of people more competitive and enjoyable.

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