Cafe Chaos

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The second famous board game from The Odd 1's Out is here! Backed in under seven minutes on Kickstarter, it's our most popular game yet. Build your food fight strategy and throw some of the steamiest food combos ever to be created. Introducing tons of new characters to the Odd 1's squad!

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Twiztid Jeni

I bought this for my son's birthday and he (and his brother) were ecstatic. We tried the game for the first time without using the QR code to watch the instructional video. Our practice round was ok, we did have some difficulty but the little booklet helped us to follow along.(Very well designed! It was a great idea to have references in the back for the action and event cards) We then proceeded to watch the video and let out a few 'ohs and ahs',,, Second round was played much easier and by the third we had fully grasped the concept. It really felt like we were having a food fight in our living room.

The game isn't too long to play so it's perfect for a school night. If you feel like playing longer you just keep going. Momma approves!
I also like how you can buy expansion packs to add on new cards to the game,its a great idea for future gifts. Awesome game & thank you for shipping to Canada!

Best game ever

This game is the best thing I’ve ever had played in my life. The way you play it is fun and thanks James and all of the amazing people who helped make the game.❤️

Kyle Maxwell
Looks fun

Everything looks really well made and easy to play. Waiting on game night.

Best Game I've Ever Played!

This makes my day when I'm bored so.. Good job James!

Rob Partipilo

Fun game, played with the whole family.

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