Cafe Chaos

$ 29.99 USD
The second famous board game from The Odd 1's Out is here! Backed in under seven minutes on Kickstarter, it's our most popular game yet. Build your food fight strategy and throw some of the steamiest food combos ever to be created. Introducing tons of new characters to the Odd 1's squad!

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A lot of fun

we played 3 people - parent, 20 yr old, 13 yr old and the younger two picked it up much quicker than the parent! It was a lot of fun, even when we were learning the rules and sometimes confused. We played 3 times, and if we weren't tired, we would have played another. Only bummer is that you need 3 people. A 2-person version or set of rules would be a nice addition. Watching the video instructions is pretty helpful, but playing a few times is much better for really grasping the rules.

Love the food fight

Fun game recommend this to anyone who loves card games little confusing but still fun

Splatt splatt mother...

Great game, quick and easy rules to follow. Especially using the QR code video. Crazy antics and no sure winner to the last thing thrown. Each game is ad fun ad one of James videos.

its amazing

i want to know when the booster packs will be out though, because i want to play with the animator pack

Too confusing

Loved the art and graphics, but the rules were so involved I couldn't get my son to sit at the table long enough to learn them. I think the best solution is to create other games with fewer rules that can be played with the same deck.

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