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    Upcoming events....

    Scribble Showdown - April 26th - Los Angeles, CA - USA  

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    See the biggest animators on YouTube compete in a form of drawing improv live on stage for the first time. Three generations of the platforms biggest animators all on stage together for the first time to laugh, talk about the craft, and figure out which one is the best in show.


    Phoenix Fan Fusion - May 23-26th, 2019 - Phoenix, AZ - USA

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    Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly Phoenix Comicon and Phoenix Comic Fest) is a speculative fiction entertainment and comic book convention held annually in Phoenix, Arizona


    VidCon US July 10-13, 2019 - Anaheim, CA - USA

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    VidCon is a multi-genre online video conference, held annually in Southern California since 2010. Originally conceived by Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel, the convention is the largest of its kind in the world, gathering thousands of online video viewers, creators, and industry representatives worldwide.


    Alex Clark vs. The Odd1sOut July 11, 2019 - Anaheim, CA

    Click HERE to get tickets to the Chess Boxing Tournament

    Alex "Big Head" Clark takes on James "The Human Marshmallow" Rallison in what can only be described as an attempt at "sports". These two animation titans will compete to see who truly is the Chess Boxing champion of the animation world. With zero training and a combined gym class grade of C+, these two are not only equally worthy competitors, but also the fiercest fighters of the animation world.