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    You suck!


    Finally, you opened the bag!

    It's mostly air anyways

    You shouldn't be eating me chubby cheeks

    Why'd you eat him first?

    How's the chips?

    They're a little salty

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    Ugly as a Moth

    Ugly as a Moth

    Why are you sad?

    Because I'm ugly.

    Don't be sad! You might be an ugly caterpillar now, but one day you'll grow into a beautiful moth. 

    A Moth?

    You won't be that  pretty. 

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    Alone on Valentine's Dy

    Alone on Valentine's Dy

    Are you Alone on Valentine's Day

    Yes Lizard cupid

    Don't be Sad, I have a gift for you.

    Aw, thanks!

    These are crickets. 

    If you don't want them, I'll eat them. 

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